Saturday, 5 October 2013

A Graceful Splendor - New Kit + Freebie

Hello, everybody! I hope you have a great weekend! In Germany it's been raining the whole weekend. Yes, autumn is here...

Let me show you my new collection - A Graceful Splendor. It is jam-packed with fantastic, soft-patterned papers and wonderful, unique elements!

Here are the beautiful arrangements.

 And the unique ready-made clusters!

For those of you who want to have a gorgeous album in minutes, there are two packs of quickpages created by my lovely and awesomely talented CT ladies.

As always, save 55% off the bundle!

** available at Digital Scrapbooking Studio **

** available at PickleberryPop **

** available at Digidesignresort **

Here are some inspirational layouts from me and my sweet and talented CT ladies.

Photo by Alena Balabanova

WA Autumnally yours by Feli Designs

Photo by Leandi

Photo by Marina Kostikova

And now, the creations of my CT.

by Anny-Libelle

by Celinoa

by Irenchen

by Jacqueline

by Kamá

by mummyd

by Kastagnette
by patriciaj

by Angeleye

by Chaos Lounge

by virgiangie
by missesM

by motherbear

by BiankaS

by Chaos Lounge
by xuxper

by pkdoll

by dodiegonzales

by janik

by bryanna

by Rollinchen

by Gina

by BiankaS

by Jeannette
by Bessychou

by saphir
by Gina

by Rollinchen

by Twin_Kati

by Twin_Tina

Last but not least, I have a wonderful free quickpage for you created by Jacqueline!

Enjoy and have a fantastic golden autumn!

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