Monday, 14 September 2015

Time is a Companion - New Collection

Like a petal in the wind flows softly by
As old lives are taken new ones begin
A continual chain
Which lasts throughout eternity
Every life but a minute in time
But each of equal importance

~~CINDY CHENEY, "Time"~~

The golden days between summer and autumn are truly precious, there is no other season that makes us more conscious of the passage of time, of how important it is to enjoy every day, every ray of sunshine, every minute spent in nature.

I designed this beautiful collection in warm tones of tan, brown and green, choosing the name "Time is a Companion" to show that we can always decide ourselves how beautiful and precious our daily moments can be, with time as a friendly companion on our journey to happiness and fulfilment.

Have a look at the previews:

The bundle is on sale for 60% OFF and it includes:

- 10 beautiful, soft-patterned papers 
- 70 gorgeous, unique elements
- 5 ready-made cluster frames
- 5 unique arrangements
- 8 quickpages

** available at Digital Scrapbooking Studio **

Let me show you what my talented creative ladies and I made with this versatile kit.

Photos by Nelli Hoss Photography

Photo Laura B. 

Photo by Marina Kostikova

Photo: Olivia Steer

Photo by Marika Burder 

Photo by Leandi Scraps 

Photo by Alena Balabanova

Photo by Anastasia Serdyukova

And now... the beauties made by my lovely CT friends.

by Mary-11

by Anny-Libelle

by Bessychou

by Chaos Lounge

by chelisa

by Gina

by Irenchen

by janik

by Kama

by bryanna

by lauser1

by Norma

by Norma

by virgiangie

by Annliz

by brenian4ever 

by Rollinchen

by Twin_Kati

by Twin_Tina

Happy shopping and all the best for you! Thank you for your loyalty!