Saturday, 29 October 2011

Halloween Goodie Bag - FREE at Digidesignresort

YAY! We are almost there!!!! Happy Halloween!!! I’m so proud to show you today our Halloween Goodie Bag from 13 fabulous designers from Digidesignresort!!!

Read until the end and ENJOY!

Happy Halloween!!!

NEW!!!NEW!!!NEW!!!NEW!!! NEW!!!NEW!!!

Fantastic, beautiful, soft, gentle, gorgeous CU Grab Bag from our designer team!

NOW on Sale!!!

$7.50 $6.00
Save: 20% off

Beautiful romantic colors in soft pink, purple, brown, orange united in a gorgeous grabbag with 10 products.

This grabbag is created for you by Aquarius Designs, Benthaicreations, Butterfly Designs, Frenchgirl, Dreamcatcher Designs, Feli Designs, Kakleidesigns, MariR, Scrappindesigns, and Papierstudio Silke

Free with Purchase

The full kit is worth 14$ (6$ for Part A and 8$ for Part B) – means you save nearly 50% on any order!!!

November Romance Part A FREE with a Purchase of 10$

November Romance Part B FREE with a Purchase of 20$

November Romance Part A & B – FREE with a Purchase of 30$

Collaboration Kit “Hocus Pocus”

HURRY – just 4 days left for the special!!!

Hocus Pocus (PU/S4H) by Digidesignresort

$9.00 $7.77
Save: 14% off

And finally ... here is our freebie!

Halloween Goodie Bag!

13 designers – 13 Freebies – Coupons – ENJOY

Download and check it out SOON – most coupons expire on 3rd November

Far away by Laitha's Designs + GSO

Here is another beautiful kit by Laitha's Designs - Far far away.

** available at Gotta Pixel **

My page, with photos of David of last summer ;-))

Far away by Laitha's Designs
Thank you so much, Pantherka!

Friday, 28 October 2011

New Designer Stash - Winter and Christmas

Hello everybody, I have a new designer stash in store, for all your beautiful winter and Christmas kits.

This set of commercial use products contains 2 papers and 20 beautiful and unique elements. All elements were either created or photographed and extracted by me and contain no strays or jaggies.

They are CU Ok as well as PU/S4H/S4O the same as all my CU products. Credit is not required but appreciated.

** available at Digiridoo Scraps **

** available at Digidesignresort **

Baroque by Priss Designs + GSO

And here is the second new kit by our new talented designer Priss Designs - Baroque.

** available at Deviant Scrap **

And here are my pages.

Baroque by Priss Designs

Photo by priss

(Thank you so much, leacindy!)

Baroque by Priss Designs
Photo by Danielle
(Thank you so much, Jacqueline!)

Thursday, 27 October 2011


The lovely Laura aka priss has started designing and let me tell you this girl is very, very talented.

Have a look at one of her brand new kits - Haiku.

** available at Deviant Scrap **

My page.

Haiku by Priss Designs
Photo by Laura Ferreira
(Thank you so much, dear Jacqueline!!)

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Under dappled shadows + GSO

Today I finally had some time to create something with the breathtaking new kit by Lorie Davison.

This lady is so talented, her kits are truly the Rolls Royces of the digiworld. Every time I work with her kits, I feel like quitting designing altogether ;-)

Under dappled shadows by Lorie Davison
(Thank you so much, jeanet!!)

Under dappled shadows by Lorie Davison
(Thank you so much, Dytka!!)

November Romance - FREE with collab at Digidesignresort

Here is the second gorgeous FREE with purchase collab kit that the Digidesignresort designers have created for your pleasure!

** available at Digidesignresort **

My page.

November Romance - Collab by Digidesignresort
(Thank you so much, Dytka!)

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Hocus Pocus - FREE with purchase at Digidesignresort + GSO

Hey everybody! Halloween is approaching fast, so have a look at the first free with purchase kit this month at Digidesignresort - pure gorgeousness called Hocus Pocus!

** available at Digidesignresort **

My page.

Hocus Pocus - Collab by Digidesignresort
Photo from Deviant Art
(Thank you so much, Mary-11!)

Monday, 24 October 2011

Owly days by MC-Designs

Annelies from MC-Designs has just brought out a fantastic, very cute new kit - Owly days.

** available at Digiridoo Scraps **

My page, with Jamie when he was 3 years old ;-)) O tempora!

Owly days by MC-Designs