Friday, 13 November 2009

Take me to an older world

Yesterday I began creating my layouts for the 2010 calendars that I am going to offer my friends as Christmas presents. This year's budget doesn't allow for more presents ;-)

Since I don't have the time to create all the pages for each month myself, I decided to improvise with some beautiful quickpages.

Everything went perfect until I got to November: my birthday month and, traditionally, the month of the dead. It's not a surprise then that most people feel depressed in November. According to statistics, most people also commit suicide in November. If I tell you that I am in a huge depression myself these days, you will understand my problem in finding the adequate layout for November: nothing seemed to be dark and sad enough for what I wanted.

In the end, I will obviously NOT use this layout for any calendar, I cannot expect anybody to keep this picture on his wall for one whole month, but I still want to post it here, because ...


Take me to the old world by Lily Designs
Photos and wordart by me
Fonts by Kevin and Amanda

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Autumn Glow + New Wordart Freebie

Looks like these days everything is belated in my life: I've forgotten a few birthdays (mea culpa!) and I created winter wordarts before I even thought of making some for autumn ;-)

I wonder if it is because I was born in November and for the last couple of years my birthday as well as the fall months seem to have lost any (big) significance to me. Now I seem to just want them to pass as quickly as possible and see the spring again.

However, I must confess that this year I was able to enjoy a little bit more the meaningful colours of autumn, because I took daily walks with my son in the nature and watched the trees, drenched in the warm light of the October sun, the wet ground full of leaves in the most incredible colours, I took some nice pictures... but most of all because I could feel my son's joy when running through the leaves carpet or picking up an especially beautiful leaf (like the one he is holding in his hand in the layout below).

Anyway, here I am now, with another autumn layout made with a kit by one of the most talented designers I know.

Autumn glow by MagicalReality Designs
Photo and wordart by me

I also have some wordarts to match it. I hope you like them and be so nice as to write a few comments when downloading. I know it may be sometimes annoying, but I enabled comments from anonymous persons on this blog as well, so it should only take you half a minute to leave me a small thanks, which will be much appreciated.


Wednesday, 11 November 2009

A lovely gift from Moni

Today I received a lovely present from Moni. I've got a whole lot to learn from her... Hey, I'm still a beginner ;-)

I wanna say THANK YOU for this wonderful layout and post it right here:

credits: Take me to the old World by Lily Designs, Lotta Designs
Paper by Kimla Designs
Text by John Ruskin
Pic by Feli

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Beneath every Winter - New Wordart Freebie

Today I joined the After Five Designs members gallery with the layout below. How do you like it?

Winter Song by Jofia and Milla Designs
Photo and wordart by me

And I also have a freebie for you: a new set of wordarts called Winter time. I loved doing them. And a big thanks to Kevin and Amanda for some of the fonts (see link to the right).

Please leave a short comment when downloading!

** sorry, link expired **

Monday, 9 November 2009

Sexy lady by the lily pond

A very good method to resist the typical November blues is to surround yourself with beautiful memories and pictures.

Today we couldn't go out at all, since it rained all morning, so I searched for one of the few photos of myself that I really like (thanks again, Carlita!), which was taken in August 2005, and this is what came out.

By the lily pond by MagicalReality Designs
Lifted Layout from Vanilla Designz

Photo by Carla C.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Antoanela's Birthday Present

Antoanela searched for inspiration on various galleries and then she found two designs that she liked. I combined them for her and below is the result. I am little bit sad that it is not entirely my creation, but we only have a few weeks left until her birthday, my time is also limited and I couldn't risk standing there with no present at all. Anyway, she said she liked my layout made with the MagicalReality Designs kit Dream a little dream as well and she will have it framed for another of her walls ;-))

Warm scent by Armina Designs
Lifted Layouts - Jen and Manderin Oranges
Photo by Mike C.

Two lovely girls and a peaceful feeling

Yesterday I played around with a lovely kit from one of my favourite designers and this is what came out.

First you see my best friend Antoanela. She likes these colours very much, so I hope she will like the layout too, even if she already chose another one as her birthday present (you will see it soon enough ;-))).

Peaceful feeling by NewlifeDreams Designs
Photo by Mike C.

And here you see my absolute favourite little girl in the world: Mara. Isn't she the cutest little darling?

Peaceful feeling by NewlifeDreams Designs
Photo by Cleo