Saturday, 17 October 2009

Memories of my youth

I was 18 years old in this picture. No further comment.

Nigritude white poetry by Kaccii Scrap
Photo by Radu
Wordart by me

Friday, 16 October 2009

Autumn Meadow

OK, fall is here. I've said it, I believe it. Sometimes I just have to say something to believe it.

Autumn Meadow by WaterLO Project
Photo by me

More layouts with my kit Fall Harmony

The girls from the forum seem to have liked my kit, here are three layouts that they created. I will put them in chronological order.

The first one is by Yvi. Isn't it absolutely sweet and beautiful?

The second one is by Moni, whose talent I admire enormously, her blends are absolutely wonderful and she always surprises me with her talent of using less elements and making more out of her layouts! I still have to learn that ;-)

The third one is by Tinchen, whose adorable little daughter makes the perfect object for this beautiful layout.

I just love these layouts and I want to thank the girls for using my kit.

Yesterday I felt so motivated that I decided to give it a try and make another layout myself with my kit, using also a few elements that nobody has used until now. That was a challenge, I can tell you! Here is the result:

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Emporté par le vent

Yesterday I was really in a frenzy, because I found so many beautiful pictures of my nephew Tudor, that I just couldn't stop scrapping ;-) And I am not promising I will stop here...

This time I used a very pretty collab kit between July Designs and Maélia Designs called "Emporté par le vent". As you can see, while everybody else is busy designing autumn mood kits, I simply refuse to acknowledge that fall is here, even if it's getting darker awfully early and this morning the temperatures hit 0 for the first time *brrrrr*

Anyway, let's dwell on the summer feelings just a little bit longer, shall we?

Emporté par le vent by July Designs
Photo by Robert M.
Wordart by me

Emporté par le vent by July Designs and Maélia Designs
Photo by Robert M.
Wordart by me

OK, I think that's enough of summer layouts for now ;-))

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Heaven and Earth + New Wordart Freebie

For the last three days I have been working on some layouts with two kits that I bought a while ago. This time I chose a few older photos of my nephew Tudor, I really hope his parents will like my layouts and won't regret giving me the permission to use his photos for my scrapping frenzy ;-)

Between heaven and earth by Pepete13 and Misstyscrap
Photos by Robert M.
Wordart by me

Between heaven and earth by Pepete13 and Misstyscrap
Photos by Robert M.
Wordart by me

Symphonie au paradis by Bee Creations
Photo by Robert M.
Frame and Wordart by me

After I finished the layouts, I felt so inspired doing the wordarts that I added a few more, so now I can offer you a new set of them. I called them Between heaven and earth, to match one of the kits. I really hope you will like them and, as always, find the time to leave me a comment when downloading.

Monday, 12 October 2009

Snapshots - New Wordart Freebie

No layout today, but a few wordarts that I created last week and forgot to upload due to the whole excitement about the new kit...

Speaking of the new kit, I had to replace the download links because I had forgotten to group the elements in folders and now all my download statistics (over 100 downloads, wow!!) and all my nice comments from 4shared are gone... Well, I'll take better care next time.

Thank you anyway for all your kind comments and please keep leaving me luv when downloading!

Sunday, 11 October 2009

A beautiful day

Today I finally finished the new layout for my blog, made with the wonderful kit "Fairies of the Lotus Lake" by Maélia Designs. I like it because it made me dream of fairies and butterflies and flowers and fulfilled wishes...

The weather has been so miserable for the last couple of days that I decided to scrap a summer photo of my son and make myself a beautiful day at least on the scrapping front ;-)

Beautiful day by Sev
Photo and Wordart by me