Friday, 30 October 2009

Scrapping Anto

Soon it's my best friend's birthday and she suggested my present for her should be a layout to be printed out as a canvas to decorate one of her walls. What an honour, but also what a pressure! You know me, good ol' perfectionist Feli, I wouldn't want anything less than perfect for my best friend!

I promised I would create several layouts that she can choose from. In the end, I guess she won't see the one that I decide will be her present ;-)

Oh, and the photo of her that I'm going to use for the layouts is ... the snapshot of a lifetime, taken by her husband in Austria, where they came to visit us in 2005 during our holidays and we spent a few days together.

Here are my first two layouts.

Feel free to tell me which one you like more and how do you think I could do better, ok? I'm just getting warm ;-(

Dream a little dream by MagicalReality Designs
Photo by Mike C.

Tales of Fantasia by MagicalReality Designs
Photo by Mike C.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Au naturel

Today, just a simple exercise, I didn't have much energy because as of yesterday I am down with a nasty cold and I can barely breathe.

Usually I have to say that am a little bit lazy when it comes to transforming/blending the elements in a kit, I know I still have to practise a lot, but today I tried to work a little bit more with shadows, following Moni's advice ;-)

Au naturel by Soval
Photo and wordart by me

Sunday, 25 October 2009

My second kit - Rainbow Love

Hello everybody!

Yesterday my son was exactly 16 months old.

To celebrate this, I finished my second kit, which I am offering here as a freebie. It's called Rainbow Love.

I really hope you will like it so much as to leave me a short comment when downloading. Food for motivation, you know ;-)

And here are my layouts with the kit.

The first one is made with a photo taken of me in Paris in 2005. Boy, was I thin and good-looking back then ;-))

Photo by Carla C.

The second is made with a photo of my husband and my son at the Lake Garda in Italy this past summer...

Photo and wordart by me

The third one is made with another cute photo of my nephew Tudor...

Photo by Robert M.
Wordart by me

I enjoyed very much designing this kit and I am very curious to see your creations, the kit contains many more elements that I haven't used. Please send me links to every layout that you create, I will post them all.