Thursday, 16 February 2012

Sephora - Charity Kit for Manue Designs's Daughter

Hello everybody!

Here is the good deed of the day: go and buy this wonderful charity kit and you will be helping a little girl with mucoviscidosis: Sephora, Manue's little daughter!!

Albina, Agnesingap, Ange, Bellisae, Chouk, Chriscrap, Goldensun, Laurence, Lady Papillon, Emma, Rena, Delph, Dydyge, EloDesigns, Fanette, Line, Marta, MélDesigns, MélieD, Paprika, Ptitesouris, Sekada and Thaliris got together and created this gorgeous kit, which includes 204 elements, 58 papers, 1 alpha, 7 clusters, 2 templates, 1 album of 4 QP!

All the money for this mega kit will be donated to help improve Sephora's life! You can also help!

** available at Digital Créa **

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Ever So Softly - New Kit and Freebie + GSO

Hello everybody, I hope you are healthy and in good shape!!

I've been pretty ill for the past 4 weeks, first I came down with the nastiest flu I've had in 15 years, started with fever and dizziness, I couldn't stand on my feet two days, then the sore throat was killing me and so I couldn't take it anymore and took some antibiotics, which of course killed every bacteria in my body (bad and good) and left my immune system down, so that a few days later I caught another cold and it took me another 2 weeks to recover...

Now I'm feeling a little bit better and so was able to finish my new kit. I hope you like it.

Ever So Softly is a kit that I created to celebrate spring and the rebirth of nature! It is jam-packed with soft, delicate, unique and beautiful elements as well as lovely and special papers and it will help you scrap your most wonderful photos in an unforgettable way!

I have also created a set of 4 gorgeous and unique ready-to-use clusters.

There is also a set of 6 gorgeous bonus quickpages, perfect and ready for you to just slip your wonderful photos underneath and have yourself a great album!

As always, if you want to save good money and get everything together for a very convenient price, you should choose the bundle.

** all available at Digiridoo Scraps **

** all available at Digidesignresort **

** all available at The Studio **

** all available at Scrappity-Doo-Dah **

And now, let me show you some inspiration from me and my CT girls.

(Thank you so much, Amelia!)

(Thank you so much, tipou2067!)

Photo by Robert M.

Photo by Ariana Falerni
(Thank you so much, dodiegonzales!)

Template: Jumpstart Your Layout {Templates} - Collection 58 by Jumpstart Designs
(Thank you so much, Ida1947!)

Photo by Ariana Falerni

Photo from Deviant Art

Template: Jumpstart Your Layout {Templates} - Collection 58 by Jumpstart Designs

Template: Jumpstart Your Layout {Templates} - Collection 58 by Jumpstart Designs

Template: Jumpstart Your Layout {Templates} - Collection 58 by Jumpstart Designs
Photo by Tracie76 at Photoxpress
(Thank you so much, Bettieescrap!)

(Thank you so much, Bettieescrap!)

(Thank you so much, Kuki!)

And now... the beauties created by my lovely and so talented CT ladies!

by Jacqueline

by Chaos Lounge

by Jeanet

by Jacqueline

by Irenchen

by Kaymee

by dodiegonzales

by Maggy

by Widie

by Angeleye

by charliesnana

by Mary-11

by zaza09

by momadee

by BernieTuffs

by charliesnana

by Bettieescrap

by pkdoll

Last but not least, as always, here comes the promised freebie: a splendid quickpage created by my CT girl Maggy.

Have a nice day and bye-bye for now!

Monday, 13 February 2012

40% Valentine Sale at Digiridoo Scraps

Don't miss this awesome sale: ALL my PU Valentine products are 40% for two days starting tonight!

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L'amour sous la pluie by Manue Designs + Valentine Sale at Digital Créa

Manue is back with an adorable mini kit that you don't want to miss!!

She is also having a huge Valentine Sale at Digital Créa: 2 kits for only $1 each!!

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My pages.

And here is the brand new kit L'amour sous la pluie!

** available at Digital Créa **

My pages.

WA by Feli Designs