Saturday, 22 August 2009

Emotions - New Wordart Freebie

Now that I managed to create and upload my own blog title and background (with Moni's great help - thank you!!), now that you've seen my first layouts, I would like to offer you - for personal use - another Wordarts Freebie that I very much enjoyed creating. I will probably never be able to create kits or elements (there are too many talented artists out there), but wordarts... are my new passion!

I hope you will like this one too and again, I would be happy to receive your comments and feedback if you download it.

Some other layouts

Here are some other beginner's layouts ;-)

Please feel free to leave me comments and suggestions!

A Mother's Moment by My Digaddiction
Candy Land by HappyScrap
Dusky Lily by Dallien
White by Ameyasa
Photos and Wordart by me

Chocolate Cherry by The Scrapping Tree
Photo and Wordarts by me

Blue Light by Muriel1326
Photos and Wordart by me

Blue Light by Muriel1326
Photo and Wordart by me

So now I have a scrap blog too ;-)

OK, I admit it, it seems I have caught a very baaad virus, causing the Scrapping Influenza ;-)

There is no cure.

On this blog, I would like to show you how I choose to spend almost every spare moment that I have (mostly when my son David is asleep or playing with his father).

I hope you will like my creations, that you will download my freebies and post me your comments and feedback.

When I started scrapping, I used to choose this format (1536x1024) because I thought I will definitely want to have all my creations printed on paper (I adore paper photos and still take time to look at our wedding album at least once a year), but after a while I had to go with the majority, since most papers and elements were designed for the usual 800x800 format.

Here are my very first Layouts.

Kit: Summer Garden by Waite for the Moment Designs
String Flowers by
Photo and Wordarts by me

Kit: Touch from Angel by Kaccii Scrap
Blue Butterflies by LesleyB
Photos and Wordart by me

Kit: White by Ameyasa

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

My very first Wordarts (Freebie)

I finalised my first set of wordarts, called "Love and Music", which I would now like to offer here as a freebie (pour tubes et images merci à L'île de Kahlan).

I'd be very happy if you would leave a comment after downloading.