Saturday, 9 November 2013

Christmas Forever - New Collab with Mel Designs

Hello, everybody!

Here is my new collection, a great collab with Mel Designs - Christmas Forever.

Christmas is a magical time with stars and light in children's eyes, it's the time when we all want to be children again and enjoy the wonderful winter holidays!
  My friend Mel and I have created a kit full of tenderness for this special time of the year, in soft almost vintage-like colors, for pages filled with love which will make your Christmas a memorable one forever.

Have a look at the previews.


A set of gorgeous Christmas cards!

A set of ready-made cluster frames, which will easily embellish all your pages.

Here are two great packs of quickpages.

As always, when you get the bundle you can save up to 52%!

** available at Digital Scrapbooking Studio **

** available at PickleberryPop **

** available at Digidesignresort **

Here is some inspiration from myself and my lovely and talented CT ladies.

Photos by Angeleye
WA Beauty of Christmas by Feli Designs

WA Beauty of Christmas by Feli Designs

Photo by Angeleye

Photo by L. Urazdeva

Photo by K. Daniene

Photo by L. Gromova

Photo by Mihaela Savu Photography

Photo by Simona N.

 Photos by Angeleye

... and now the fantastic creations by my lovely and talented CT ladies.

by Anny-Libelle

by  Bessychou

by Irenchen

by Jacqueline

by Kamá

by Kastagnette

by  Chantal1981

by  Gina

by Chaos Lounge
by motherbear

by  mummyd

by  bryanna

by  dodiegonzales

by  Gina

by  Chaos Lounge

 by Jeannette

by  Angeleye
 by chelisa

by  Anny-Libelle

by  missesM

by pkdoll

by  Nicky83

by  patriciaj

by  saphir
by BiankaS

by Nathy

by xuxper

by BiankaS

by Twin_Kati

by Twin_Tina