Wednesday, 27 April 2011

You make me smile - FREE with purchase at Digidesignresort + GSO

Today I want to show you a truly splendid collab that you can get FREE with purchase at Digidesignresort.

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My pages.

Photo by JJ Mily Photography
(Thank you so much, emst!)

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  1. I had to come over here and say thank you for your comments on my layout at gingerscraps. I am so sorry that you didn't have a mother who was a positive influence on you - it always breaks my heart when I hear that. I will tell you that it has taken many, many years for me to be able to write something like I did. I didn't always feel that way - especially as a young child with all of the difficult struggles we did have to go through - and there were a lot. I have the hope of a Savior, and that along with many years of therapy, has made the difference for me.

    I just looked at your gallery over at Gingerscraps and oh my goodness! You are soooooo extremely talented! Beautiful, beautiful layouts!