Friday, 11 February 2011

Valentine Blog Train + Coupon to my store + Freebie

Welcome to Digiridoo's blog train for Valentine's Day!

Boy, I can tell you so much right now: we had an awesome swatch to work with and there is a bunch of incredibly beautiful work all along the train ride.

You are now at stop number 10: Feli Designs.

I have 2 (yes, two!) surprises for you today!!

The first you can see on this preview and, if you visit the whole train and collect all the goodies, you will end up with one hell of a fabulous kit, I can assure you!!

** sorry, link expired **

The second surprise is this: in my zip file that you can download here, hidden somewhere, you will find a coupon code worth $3.00 to my store, valid for every purchase over $5.00 until 28 February 2011!

Have fun looking (I hope you find it) and enjoy your shopping!! The number of coupons is limited, so hurry up!

I thank you for stopping by and hope you are enjoying your time on the train. Your next stop is stop 11, DigiDesigns byDenise. Happy trails!
* * * * *

In case you've lost track of the stops, here's a list of all of them. You can hop on the train at any stop. As our designers are spread all over the world you may find a stop has not yet been posted. In that case, hop on to the next one and check back later.

1. Band Geek Designs:

2. Diamond Ink Designs:

3. Dana's Footprint Designs:

4. Studio4 Designworks:

5. Digidesigned by Wilma:

6. Little Welsh Girl Designs:

7. Key of D Designs:

8. Sarah Barber Designs:

9. Chocolate Geranium Digital Designs:

10. Feli Designs: <--------- You are here.

11. DigiDesigns by Denise:

12. Anna (Scrappin' Addict Designs):

* * * * *

I wish you all a very happy Valentine's Day, spend lots of time with your loved ones, let them know in every possible way how much you love them, take time for yourself and for your family, because in the end it all comes down to this: family and loved ones!! This is all that matters in life!


  1. Feli, thanks so much for your wonderful part of this blog train :)

  2. Lovely train - thank you for your part in it!

  3. Thanks so much - and I'm off to find that coupon! Thanks for that, too!

  4. I'd like to invite you to add your banner to our Digital Scrapbooking Topsite. It's free to sign up. Hope to see you there

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  5. Thank you so much and good luck with the contest.

  6. Fabulous!! Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful work! xxx

  7. Thank you so much for your awesome part and the great download!!! Lily

  8. Thanks so much for the beautiful kit. Your time and effort is greatly appreciated!

  9. Thank you for the beautiful kit! And thanks for using MediaFire!

  10. Thank you SOOOOO MUCH for such a WONDERFUL contribution to this Blog Train! You are ALL SO GENEROUS and TALENTED!!