Friday, 7 January 2011

About Time - FREE with purchase at Digiridoo Scraps + GSO

The designers at Digiridoo Scraps have outdone themselves once again and bring you yet another awesome collab, which you can get for free with any purchase over $5 during the whole month of January.

It's called "About Time" (the title was my contribution) and it contains 87 papers and 137 elements.

Check it out.

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About Time - Collab by Digiridoo Scraps Designers
Journaling says:

I have never set myself any declared goals,

so I have to think very hard right now

about the five most important things that I

would like to achieve in 2011... Here they are:

1. Take more care of myself, continue with

my therapy, have the strength to overcome

all the new waves of depression that are still

ahead of me, do my best to heal my soul

from the horrible traumas of the past and

be able to enjoy my life more;

2. Be a better and more caring wife to

my dearest husband, who is the most wonderful

man that I have ever known and with whom

I still plan to grow old and be happy ‘till death

do us part;

3. Continue to be a good enough mother to my

sweet little boy and continue to make him as

happy as he is right now;

4. Rebuild some of my friendships that have

suffered in the last couple of years because

I had to invest most of my time and energy

in taking good care of my little boy and

surviving a very difficult personal crisis, with

very much emotional pain;

5. Go on a wonderful summer holiday with my

family and enjoy every moment of it, before

I go back to work and my little boy starts


Yes, this is the plan and I truly hope I can

achieve all of it!

About Time - Collab by Digiridoo Scraps Designers
(Thank you so much, Lynn!!)

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