Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Kiss from a rose - RAK for priss

For quite some time now, I have wanted to create a RAK for my sweet friend Laura, aka priss. I didn't have to look very hard for the perfect kit to show you her adorable little daughter Elettra, with whom I fell in love from the very second that I saw her!

I chose Kiss from a rose by Mystique Designs because it is so gorgeous and full of soft, delicate elements.

It was such a huge pleasure creating with this fabulous kit. Now I only hope that priss will like my RAK ;-)

Kiss from a rose by Mystique Designs
Photos by Laredo Montoneri
(used with permission from priss)


  1. Oh Feli!!! this is a wonderful Christmas gift for me! your page is awesome, this kit is so gorgeous and delicate and your design and composition makes it sweeter than a candy!
    thank you my friend, I am deeply touched!!

  2. Feli!
    I have got your message ..
    I understand your idea, I know it's hard to believe that it was not done on purpose!
    I have not had any reasons, I have learned in your message!
    It is normal that the two persons concerned or angry!
    I never did that for sure, but I think we have a chance and let a pardon to everyone ...
    Otherwise, I hope you're well! I'll be back soon to see you scrapping with our wonderful team, physicians should give me permission to start the computer in January!
    I wish you a great Christmas with your family!
    Full of happiness!
    I miss you so much!