Sunday, 19 December 2010

December challenges + GSO

For the Christmas poetry challenge at PickleberryPop and the Font challenge at Digiridoo Scraps I chose to create a layout with my kit Santastic Season, using a winter poem called "Decembre" by the Romanian poet George Bacovia and sung by Nicu Alifantis.

I also chose an older photo of me where I was crying my heart out, I thought this would be appropriate... This song always brings tears to my eyes, reminding me of what winter should be like in a loving and caring home, where you don't feel the cold because you are surrounded by people who love and protect you... which is what I didn't have as a child.

Santastic Season by Feli Designs and Studio 4 Designworks
Alpha Brilliant Christmas by Doudou's Design
GSO at SDD (Thank you, Yvonne!)

Poem says:

Look how December is snowing
Look out the window, my sweetheart,
Tell them to bring more embers
And let me hear the fire snapping.

Put the armchair by the stove
I want to hear the storm by the fire
Or just my weary days – all the same…
I want to learn their symphony.

Tell them to bring the tea as well,
And you should also come closer
Read me something from the poles
And let’s get buried in an ocean of snow.

There is so much warmth here, at your place
And everything here seems holy to me
Look how December is snowing
Don’t laugh, just keep reading!

It’s daytime, but what darkness
Tell them to bring the lamp as well
Look, the snow is high like a mountain
And the doorknob is frozen too

I’m not going home anymore today
There’s a flood behind and before me
Look how December is snowing
Don’t laugh, just keep reading!

- G. Bacovia -

Original song sung by Nicu Alifantis HERE

For the "With a twist" challenge at A5D I lifted a layout by mummyd (who is one of my favourite scrappers) and I used the page for the font challenge at Brownie Scraps and the Xmas challenge at PickleberryPop ;-)

Magic of snowflakes by Martencja Designs
Round frames and flower embellie from Love supreme by Feli Designs and Chocolate Geranium Digital Designs
Photos and wordart by me
Lifted from mummyd

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