Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Autumnally Yours - some more pages ;-)

Yep, I still can't get enough of my beautiful collab kit created together with Darlene from Studio 4 Designworks!

Here are some more pages - I made them for various challenges.

Scraplifted from Miheda

"wish" Alpha from kit Bombay by Digidesigned byWilma

Journaling says:
I wish I had the perseverance
to get rid of my chocolate addiction,
I wish I had the strength
to take better care of myself,
I wish I had the freedom
to make other job choices,
I wish I had the power
to change my past completely!
I wish I had the time and insight
to solve all my emotional problems,
I wish I had the self-confidence
to not tolerate those people
who harm their children,
I wish I had the inner balance
to enjoy more the time with my family,
I wish I could hold on to each and every
moment of my life when I felt happy,
I wish I had the power
to make sure that my child will never know
what unhappiness is like!

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  1. Alle super schön, aber das erste ist mein Favorit! :-)