Saturday, 17 April 2010

Worst case scenario :-(((((((((

I lost my hard disk.

When I had to upload my last kit to the Digiridoo Scraps X-Cart, I deactivated our Kaspersky firewall (which otherwise wouldn't let me upload anything). Afterwards, Bogdan couldn't find the key code to reinstall it and we postponed buying a new version because ... WHY actually??? Because we are the world champions in procrastination, that's why!! So we stayed for a couple of weeks without firewall... until Firefox stopped working! Bogdan brought a new anti-virus program from work and started searching for malware - which he found abundantly on the hard disk. OK, so far so good, normally you would lose the data on C: but not everything else (the only valuable thing on C: for me were my Photoshop presets, which I had copied on E: just to make sure I won't lose them - when I think of all the hours it took me to download all the brushes, the shapes, then all the actions that I bought, I want to kill myself!!!).

Well, my dearest husband thought it was time to install a new, much bigger hard disk and he did this, installing it as a "master" hard disk, whereas the old one was supposed to be the "slave" hard disk. When Bogdan started formatting and installing all the Windows programs on the new hard disk, the fucking stupid Windows went directly to the OLD E: and F: and G: partitions, which he "identified" as the new ones. My husband thought thus he was formatting the new hard disk, while in fact he was reformatting the old one and thereby DELETING all the data on it.

So I lost ALL the data on my hard disk.

This means I lost:
- ALL my photos taken after December 2009 (date of the last backup!),
- ALL the kits that I bought this year,
- ALL my layouts (Wondershare files AND .jpg's) of this year,
- ALL my collages with David's photos (thank God I had them printed on paper!!)
- ALL the commercial use elements bought or downloaded this year,
- ALL my .psd, .jpg and .png files of my own kits,
- ALL my emails (probably),
- ALL our movies and video data!

Should I say more? There is nothing more to say. This has hit me so hard that I am numbed, I am so numbed by pain that I don't feel anything anymore.

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