Sunday, 25 April 2010

Digiridoo Scraps is migrating to a new host

The Digiridoo Scraps server will be down for a week, until all the data will be transferred to the new host.

Meanwhile, I kind of lost my mojo - here defined by MOtivation and JOy to create kits. After losing all my data of this year and finding out that there is too much piracy and limitation out there in the scrapping world ... after hitting rock bottom with my private life for the past few months and living in a personal hell that I don't wish to anyone, after having realized (and accepted by feeling it) that at present I am in the blackest and deepest and ugliest of all the dark pits that I have ever known in my entire life ... after all this ... and after seeing all the gorgeous kits on the market, with which I don't have time to scrap anymore ... after all this ... I have decided to take a short creative break as far as my new kit is concerned, to put it on hold and, at least for a while, try to express my creativity by simply scrapping with the wonderful kits by my favourite designers, which I have neglected too much lately.

For now, I know that I only feel tired. Very tired. My soul needs some rest.

1 comment:

  1. Das ist natürlich der Alptraum schlechthin! Ich kann dir nur wünschen, dass du irgendwie klar kommst. Ich bin so oft hier und du sollst gedrückt fühlen! Wenn du was loswerden willst, meine Emailadresse hast du ja...