Friday, 8 January 2010

Winter splendour - Scraplift Challenge at DDR

Here is the page that we were supposed to lift: Serenity.

And here is my page, of which I must say in all modesty that I am very proud :-))

The picture was taken by Bogdan on our 2004 winter holiday in the Romanian mountains (Sinaia, cota 2000) and I still find it breathtakingly beautiful.

Winterlude by MagicalReality Designs
Photo by Bogdan


  1. Mein Gott, Feli, wie schön ist das denn? Das sieht so wunderbar aus!

    Sorry, dass ich dein Kit noch immer nicht gebastelt habe, bei ist echt viel los...

    Aber jetzt musste ich einfach mal wieder reinschauen...

    Liebe Grüße,

  2. Hello sweetie, can u give me a brief description on the book? "The little prince" by St. Exupéry I have never read it b4 :) tell me whats in it and we will see! TY for your coment:)