Friday, 30 October 2009

Scrapping Anto

Soon it's my best friend's birthday and she suggested my present for her should be a layout to be printed out as a canvas to decorate one of her walls. What an honour, but also what a pressure! You know me, good ol' perfectionist Feli, I wouldn't want anything less than perfect for my best friend!

I promised I would create several layouts that she can choose from. In the end, I guess she won't see the one that I decide will be her present ;-)

Oh, and the photo of her that I'm going to use for the layouts is ... the snapshot of a lifetime, taken by her husband in Austria, where they came to visit us in 2005 during our holidays and we spent a few days together.

Here are my first two layouts.

Feel free to tell me which one you like more and how do you think I could do better, ok? I'm just getting warm ;-(

Dream a little dream by MagicalReality Designs
Photo by Mike C.

Tales of Fantasia by MagicalReality Designs
Photo by Mike C.

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