Saturday, 22 August 2009

So now I have a scrap blog too ;-)

OK, I admit it, it seems I have caught a very baaad virus, causing the Scrapping Influenza ;-)

There is no cure.

On this blog, I would like to show you how I choose to spend almost every spare moment that I have (mostly when my son David is asleep or playing with his father).

I hope you will like my creations, that you will download my freebies and post me your comments and feedback.

When I started scrapping, I used to choose this format (1536x1024) because I thought I will definitely want to have all my creations printed on paper (I adore paper photos and still take time to look at our wedding album at least once a year), but after a while I had to go with the majority, since most papers and elements were designed for the usual 800x800 format.

Here are my very first Layouts.

Kit: Summer Garden by Waite for the Moment Designs
String Flowers by
Photo and Wordarts by me

Kit: Touch from Angel by Kaccii Scrap
Blue Butterflies by LesleyB
Photos and Wordart by me

Kit: White by Ameyasa

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  1. fantastische Lo's... da steckt liebe drin... sowas mag ich